Assalamualaikum.. ( May Allah be Upon you )

Thanks for stopping by Desy Hamkar’s Blog. My name is Desy, just call me related to my name.. I made this new blog because my friends told me to write again..this blog also my learning media to improve my language skill..I think, I should write something from now on.. and voilaaaa… I made it..yeyyy..

I love joking… I’m Justin Timberlake holic…his voice…*scream

Some people say that I’m heartless *(sometimes) -just because of my flat expression..

  • But, Hey.. you don’t even know me, Dude…

I love to do experiments, try to code, sketch, and design
I write what in my mind, I love what I write, I write all my ideas, design project etc.. I hope it can help you… and give you happiness…

Ok that’s all for now…
Have a nice day… “Be Happy Everyday” 

Danke ~ ^__^

Cycle page>>.


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