DIY Dress Making 👗[Beginner]

Because it’s quite boring to do nothing, soooo, I make something, again.., hahahaha

I have a problem with sleeping and I feel I have so many energy to spend even after working …mmm…so I can sleep after reducing this energy and make my eyes heavier…

I decide to make dress again.. Hahahaha.. My dad called me and said, read something, I said, “I already read, but I can’t stay still and just sitting,, hahaha”

he said ” do exercise while reading… so you’ll get tired.. for sure..hahahaha” .. that’s a good idea…

I’ll do it later because I got scissor and pen in my hands… so.. let’s reduce this energy to sleep,..

  • Fabrics: Cotton  1,5 m
  • Tools: Scissor, Pencil, Pen, Oil paper (optional, you can use anything else to make the pattern such news paper or else), Pins & sewing thread


Drew the Pattern  (I just use the pattern of my clothes and drew it at the oil paper) and don’t hesitate to cut the fabric.. just try it , Cut The fabrics into these pieces

  • Back Side ( 2 parts)
  • Front Side ( 1 part )
  • Circle Skirt ( 2 parts).
  • By the way, I didn’t use the arms parts because I just wanna make it that way

For Semi Obras to tidy up every corner of the fabric, set your machine to [Selector position 8 : C, length: 1 ] this ” C “pattern gives you zigzag finishIMG_5208


For Normal stitching style, set your machine to [Selector position 4: A, length: 2.5 ] this ” A “pattern gives you straight finish

Make any darts for the front and the back side of the fabrics, you can see my previous posting on how to make darts


after making darts combine the front side of the fabric with the back side and sew it at the shoulder




combine the circle skirt that you made with the top side and sew it carefully


To finish the dress, sew the bottom side of your dress with something called ” hemmer foot” so the result will be like this picture below


Now, move to the collar, you can see my previous posting how to make collar,IMG_5223

This is the final result, you can add belt to make it cuter 😀IMG_5225

I hope you find it helps… Thank you…


… babe, you can sleep peacefully now… and I’m happy with the result..

*iseng aja ambil gambar pas lagi d pake bajunya… dess kamu ga ada tempat lain gitu buat foto??





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