DIY Purple Dress


  • Fabrics: Cotton toyobo 1,5 m
  • Tools: Scissor, Pencil, Pen, Oil paper (optional, you can use¬†anything else to make the pattern such news paper or else), Pins & sewing thread


Drew the Pattern  (I just use the pattern of my clothes and drew it at the oil paper) and don’t hesitate to cut the fabric.. just try it , Cut The fabrics into these pieces

  • Arms side (2 parts)
  • Back Side ( 2 parts)
  • Front Side ( 1 parts )
  • Pockets ( 4 parts)

For Semi Obras to tidy up every corner of the fabric, set your machine to [Selector position¬†8 :¬†C, length:¬†1 ] this ” C “pattern gives¬†you zigzag finish


For Normal stitching style, set your machine to [Selector position 4: A, length: 2.5 ] this ” A “pattern gives¬†you straight finish

Oke, Now take your pattern and fabric, cut it follows your pattern


I made dart at front side and back side of the fabric you can see it through the pattern,


sew it along, don’t forget sew the shoulder part and you can see the result in the picture below,

for the great finish, use your iron and press it nicely


I add the zipper in front side of the fabric,


Place the zipper like thi pictureIMG_5050

or you can do another step, place your zipper on the wrong side of your front, pin it and sew it carefully


Now, Move to the arms part, take your cutting fabric, sew it and make sure you follow the mark on the fabric, then flip it over the right side, and you will get this result


finish the arms side with the straight stitch on the edge


then, I try to make a belt for my dress, cut the fabric, the high 6 cm, width = as you wish,

cut it and sew it along, flip it over the right side and do ironing to your belt to finish it

Now, it’s time for you to combine the body part with the arms, remember, carefully sew it till you satisfied


Tadaaaa…. I’m wearing my own design ūüėÄ

Have a good day friend




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