You must be crazy

Sometimes you may feel crazy

When you see the time and your eyes was shaking
Your heart beats so fast
When your mouth sometimes say something different than what did you plan to..
When you feel lonely suddenly if there’s a single message comes
When your eyes keep shaking till you realize that your body can’t handle that

I see through your eyes..
There’s honesty in there
I keep calling your name
I’m not hoping
I just see the fact

You must be very honest with your brain..
I think it may take time
Feels like crazy little cat

I saw your light brown eyes…
Deep inside
It reveals your side…
You wanted to be admire
You wanted to be a special one
You wanted someone brains full of you…
You must be crazy…

There’s one thing ..
One thing that you should drag into your soul…
The Heart of someone who wants to sacrifice the best for you…

O, your mind keep thinking …
In your logical way of thinking
This doesn’t matter…
Your problem was deep inside you..
Feel that… don’t think of that…
That’s the level of purity of your heart that I offer…


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