DIY- CHLOE COAT [Beginner]

 Preparation : 

  • Fabrics: Cotton print 1,5 m ( IDR 30.000 / m) , satin (1,5 m) : IDR 20.000 /m
  • Tools: Scissor, Pencil, Pen, Oil paper (optional, you can use anything else to make the pattern), Pins & sewing thread

Drew the Pattern  (I just use the pattern of my clothes and drew it at the oil paper) and don’t hesitate to cut the fabric.. just try it

  • Arms side (2 part)
  • Back Side ( 1 part)
  • Front Side ( 2 part )
  • Backfacing Collar ( 3 part)
  1. Fold the fabrics, place the pattern and pin it to the fabricsimg_4583-e1497837803313.jpg

Add 5cm of the fabrics before you cut

  1. Cut The fabrics into this pieces IMG_4587

  2. Cut the front Side [number 2] in the middle like this picture below, make dartsimg_4589.jpg


  1. Place back side and front side


Sew the shoulder parts



Take your sleeves and sew it as usual, don’t forget to tidy up the corner of the fabrics


the setting of the sewing machine to get this result, look the pics below [Selector posistion : C, length : 1]



  1. Take satin fabrics, fold it as you did at previous fabrics, do the same with the same pattern




  1. cut the fabrics and follow the pattern that u made before, don’t forget to attach the sleeves too..



and the result will be like this picture below


  1. So, Now you have two pieces of your fabrics. What you should do next is to attach the lining to the main clothesIMG_4638

  2. Now, Take the collar parts, pin it to your clothes, and sew it with the straight dot


After that, Do the Top stitching or Bottom Stitching, you can choose as you like, I do Bottom Stitching


And this is the final result


I hope you found this tutorial help… I’m very happy to share this tutorial with you..

thank you 😊💕




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